The Loud Feedback Podcast Ep. 001: Deadpool & Anthrax – For All Kings

Surprise! It’s the Loud Feedback Podcast, the official podcast of!

In this debut episode, hosts Jeff Feuerhaken and Mike Gomes bust their respective cherries by discussing the Oscars, Deadpool, the state of rock music, and the new Anthrax album, For All Kings.

-Who are these guys? A quick intro introducing ourselves and a little info on what this podcast is all about.

-We discuss the 2016 Academy Awards, including our reactions to some of the night’s big winners, as well as offer our opinions on some of the nominated films.

-In our review of Deadpool, we talk about the long process this film took to get to the screen, and weigh in on our personal feelings about the film, and on the superhero genre in general.

-We take a moment to reflect on the current state of rock music, and of the music industry as a whole.

-In our review of For All Kings, the new album from Anthrax, we agree to disagree on this new shred-fest from the longtime metal icons.

For our written review of Deadpool, click here.

For our written review of AnthraxFor All Kings, click here.

6 thoughts on “The Loud Feedback Podcast Ep. 001: Deadpool & Anthrax – For All Kings

  1. Faith Davis

    Jeff said ” Don’t be a Dick” Ok. I can sometimes be a dick! Lol seriously you guys rocked that!
    Your both true naturals. It did not seem like a FIRST episode of your podcast.
    I got really into listening to your opinions of the movie and the album as well as got a few really good laughs.
    I can’t wait to listen to you both more.
    Jeff- I’m going to go look up your band right now.

    • admin

      Thanks, Faith! It helps that I have a really sexy cohost…

  2. Josh Silva

    What’s up, guys? Fun show to listen to! Hope you keep it up…

    • admin

      What’s up, Josh! Thanks for the love, and yes, we will be doing this on the regular :)

  3. Jave

    Yeeeaaaa Dooooggg!! You guys killed it!! Jeff you have a great radio voice! Mike you killed it on the music review Holmes!!! Lol!!! Can’t wait for the next one Keep it Loynd my friends!!!


    • admin

      Thanks Jave! Stoked to have you listening!

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