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Love movies? Sweet. Love music? Awesome. This site was created with you in mind. Yes, I mean you, sitting there in front of your computer with your hot cup of coffee, hungry for conversation about the stuff you love to watch, hear, and experience. Loud Feedback is your place to get info on some of the latest news in the entertainment world, discuss some of the latest movie and album reviews posted by our editors, or even learn ways to bring your own imaginative ideas to life. We love to chat about the latest in entertainment, but we also love making it ourselves. So feel free to check out our news articles, reviews, podcasts, and tutorials, and then join in on the conversation with us.

 The Crew

Jeff Feuerhaken (Editor-In-Chief)

Jeff Feuerhaken

Jeff Feuerhaken originally hails from Santa Cruz, CA, but now calls Huntington Beach his home. He has recorded albums and toured with several bands (Rockets Dead Glare, National Product, and Sick Shift) and he now runs his own record label, Brigantine Records. He has also produced, written, directed, and edited documentaries, music videos, and commercials with his production company, Firehook Entertainment.

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