NOFX Debuts New Song And Music Video, “Oxymoronic”

Fat Mike Vies For Punniest Man Alive In NOFX’s “Oxymoronic”

By Jeff Feuerhaken

If there’s one band most old school and new school punkers can agree on, it’s NOFX. Duh. It’s hard to believe that these guys have been around since way back in 1983, and not a day without punk rock relevance has gone by since. Sure, there’s been some changes along the way-some subtle, and some not so much, but these guys have consistently stayed true to their particular brand of ironically intelligent potty-humor punk rock. It’s been four years since the last NOFX full length album, 2012’s Self-Entitled, and fans have eagerly been awaiting new material from these punk legends ever since. Although we’ll have to wait until October for the new upcoming album, First Ditch Effort, the band has released 3 new tracks early to whet the appetites of the jonesing ones. The song and video for “Six Years On Dope” was released back in July, but just recently two more tracks have surfaced: “I Don’t Like Me Anymore”, and “Oxymoronic”.

Ask your doctor about NOFX today.

Ask your doctor if NOFX is right for you.

“Oxymoronic” was released with an accompanying music video on the comedy site Funny Or Die. The song and video takes on the pharmaceutical industry in hilarious fashion, with clips that resemble our favorite Viagra or Cialis commercials. The song itself is decent and catchy, likely one of the more accessible NOFX tracks from the new record. The vibe is similar to “Franco Un-American”, one of the singles off of their 2003 release, The War On Errorism. Lyrically, singer/bassist Fat Mike proves he’s the master of the pun, with silly, clever wordplay based on all our favorite drugs. I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of this album. Hopefully, it’s…addictive? (see what I did there?) Enjoy, and cheer up, October 6th is coming sooner than you think…

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