Staff Infection: Demonomania

Demonomania, The Second Short Film In The Misfits Of Horror Series

Loud Feedback Podcast listeners should recognize this one. Mike and I had been talking about this short film idea months ago, and we kinda gave updates on what was happening with it as we went. Well, booya, here it is for you all to check out. Demonomania. It’s the second short film in the Misfits Of Horror collection. If you want to see the first one, Astro Zombies, directed by our pal Mike Kobzeff and edited by yours truly, click here. Demonomania utilized the skills of the following people: Jeff Feuerhaken, Mike Gomes, Mike Kobzeff, Stan Moniz, Emily Myall, Guerin Myall, Ashu Boni, Steven Juliano, Jessica Mathias, and Nick Schrader. Thanks to all!

Jeff Feuerhaken Mike Gomes Demonomania Misfits Of Horror

Hey look, it’s the Loud Feedback Podcast team!

If you guys like the film, please give it a like and leave a comment on the vimeo page. A lot of people worked really hard on this, so a little love goes a long way!

Loud Feedback Staff Infection Demonomania Jeff Feuerhaken Mike Gomes

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