The Loud Feedback Podcast Ep. 006: The Nice Guys & Saosin – Along The Shadow

The Loud Feedback Podcast Episode 6 (Podcasting Through Clenched Teeth Edition)

In this episode, LFP hosts Jeff Feuerhaken and Mike Gomes talk reshoots, recast James Bond, do epic Dave Mustaine impressions, weigh in on the new Blink 182 single, and review The Nice Guys and Saosin’s long awaited new album, Along The Shadow.

-What we’ve been up to (Lasso and a new Firehook Entertainment website).

-Movie news: Suicide Squad and Star Wars: Rogue One undergo reshoots, but for possibly different reasons.

-Casting Couch: We recast the next James Bond and the director for the next Bond film.

We talk about The Nice Guys (the movie, not us, even though we are pretty nice).

-Music news: RIP to former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza. We give our top 3 Megadeth songs in our best Dave Mustaine voices. We also briefly chat about the new Blink 182 song “Bored To Death”.

-We review the ripping new Saosin album, Along The Shadow.

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For our written review of The Nice Guys, click here.

For our written review of Saosin – Along The Shadow, click here.


Jeff’s Facebook page

Mike’s Facebook page

Firehook Entertainment

Rockets Dead Glare (Jeff’s band)

National Product

Cover of Blink 182 “Bored To Death” with Tom Vocals

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