Coming Next Month: October

New Releases Creep Upon Us In October

By Jeff Feuerhaken

The time nigh for my favorite holiday to come upon us, so beware! Heed my warning, or thou may find thouself in the ghastly, ghoulish clutches of awesomeness! (Insert Psycho screeching violins here) On the screen, we are stricken with a terrifying delight of horror films, from Rob Zombie’s evil clown monstrosity, 31, to new films from the Ouija and long running Phantasm franchises. Perhaps most disturbing of all, a new Tyler Perry movie! The horror! Creeping into our eardrums is a release schedule absolutely crawling with highly anticipated new albums from such heathens as NOFX, Green Day, Sum 41, Jimmy Eat World, Korn, and Helmet. It’s enough to make even the bravest of us scream in delight!


The Girl On The Train (10/7)

Middle School: The Worst Years Of My Life (10/7)

The Birth Of A Nation (10/7)

Phantasm: Ravager (10/7)

Max Steel (10/14)

The Accountant (10/14)

Kevin Hart: What Now? (10/14)

Desierto (10/14)

31 (10/21)

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (10/21)

Ouija: Origin Of Evil (10/21)

Keeping Up With The Joneses (10/21)

Tyler Perry’s Boo! A Madea Halloween (10/21)

American Pastoral (10/28)

Inferno (10/28)


Dance Gavin Dance – Mothership (10/7)G

Green Day – Revolution Radio (10/7)

Meshuggah – The Violent Sleep Of Reason (10/7)

NOFX – First Ditch Effort (10/7)

Sum 41 – 13 Voices (10/7)

Night Birds – Who Killed Mike Hunchback? (10/7)

The Devil Wears Prada – Transit Blues (10/7)

Kings Of Leon – Walls (10/14)

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation (10/14)

Bon Jovi – This House Is Not For Sale (10/21)

Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues (10/21)

Korn – The Severity Of Suffering (10/21)

I Prevail – Lifelines (10/21)

Necromantix – A Symphony Of Wolf Tones & Ghost Notes (10/21)

Obituary – Ten Thousand Ways To Die (10/21)

Helmet – Dead To The World (10/28)

Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake (10/28)

Death By Stereo – Just Like You’d Leave Us, We’ve Left You For Dead (10/28)

Crowbar – The Serpent Only Lies (10/28)

Memphis May Fire – This Light I Hold (10/28)


Stay tuned for more info!

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